Do you need advice on your Winter skincare?

Winter Skincare Flare ups

The key aim for our skincare during winter months is to ensure we keep a good balance of hydration and lipid production at sufficient levels to prevent dehydration, irritation and dryness. This is an ideal season for those with sensitive skins and winter flare ups to reinforce and prevent irritation by switching home care products to shield their skin before temperatures drop. Dry skins should swap to a more nourishing range to ensure their skin continues to feel comfortable as the climate shifts.

Winter Proof your skin regime with AlumierMD

Do you suffer from winter skin problems? If your skin feels tight after washing it’s likely that your cleanser is stripping your skin’s barrier, after cleansing your skin should feel hydrated & calm. HydraBoost Cream Cleanser contains sunflower seed oil to help replenish moisture loss.

Adding winter skincare products containing occlusive ingredients will provide a physical barrier to lock in moisture and shield. Recovery Balm is a daily moisturiser containing Shea Butter to intensively nourish and soothe, fantastic to be worn in outdoor settings.

If your skin is looking dry or flaky a gentle AHA exfoliator rather than a physical scrub will help to prevent further damage to the skin. Enzymatic Peel contains lactic acid and fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells without being abrasive on the surface.

Continue to use a sunscreen SPF30+ throughout the year to prevent premature ageing, this can be applied on top of a Serum or Moisturiser everyday.

How to prevent winter skin Flare ups

You may need to simplify your normal product routine during the winter months to prevent irritation flare up from cold air exposure, stimulating ingredients that are usually well tolerated during other times of the year may not suit the skin temporarily.

The goal for sensitive skins is to strengthen, rebuild and soothe to ensure a healthy skin barrier. Switching to SensiCalm Gentle Cleanser containing ceramides to strengthen the lipid barrier and HydraCalm Moisturiser contains Aloe to intensively soothe.

Extra winter skincare tips

Use warm water rather than hot water when showering and try to avoid long baths which risk stripping the skin of natural oils, immediately after pat dry and apply moisturiser to help lock in hydration.

When driving, redirect warm air away from the skin to avoid dehydration. Be mindful if using regular self-tanning products as these can dry the skin out further.

A Humidifier is ideal for dry skin concerns to add moisture back into the air when the central heating is cranked up.

Alongside drinking sufficient amounts of water to keep the skin strong and healthy, eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids will protect cells from environmental damage.

We hope that you have found this information on what winter does to our skin helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.