Laser hair removal in Maidenhead:

Which is more effective? Laser or IPL?

At Permanent Beauty, we provide a service offering laser hair removal . However, despite being a service that more and more people are using today, we get lots of queries about how the process works. Some of the most common questions revolve around the use of laser treatment or IPL treatments. So, in our professional opinion as laser Hair removal specialists, what do we think works best?

What is more effective? Laser or IPL treatment?

This is a question that is often asked when clients are looking to have laser hair removal. Firstly, it is important to note that results from treatments depend on many things including your skin colour, hair colour and hair thickness. Here at Permanent Beauty Maidenhead, we have three different systems that we use. The first is an Initia Diode laser, the second a Lynton LuminaQ IPL system, and the third an ND Yag laser. 

All of the systems are supplied by Lynton Lasers, a company started and owned by physicists who only sell products that they know are superior. Crucially, they only offer effective solutions for permanent hair reduction. When providing you with hair removal services, we will choose the system that is most suitable for you, ensuring that you can see the best results as soon as possible. 

Laser hair removal works as the light energy omitted by the system is absorbed by the hair. The heat energy travels into the follicle and destroys the follicles’ ability to produce new hairs. Hair grows in a cycle of three parts. 

  1. The first part is when hair is actively growing.
  2. The second part is when the hair has reached its optimum length and rests.
  3. The third cycle is when the dead hair sheds from the follicle. 

Treatment is most effective in the first cycle when hair is actively growing. In order to get the best results for your Laser hair removal, we will recommend an average of eight treatments at six-week intervals. Approximately 10 days after treatment the shaved hair in the follicle sheds, and you should be hair free until approx. 10-days to 2-weeks prior to your next treatment. 

This cycle is repeated eight times until we achieve the desired reduction of pigmented hairs. It’s very important that you stick to the prescribed appointments in order to achieve the best results. Any hairs that remain can be treated with a maintenance treatment when necessary.

Is laser hair removal in Maidenhead a painful procedure?

Naturally, we get asked about the pain levels involved in laser hair removal treatments, too!

When the laser system emits light onto your skin you can feel warmth and, if the hair is thick and dark, you may feel heat in the Skin. However, at Permanent Beauty Maidenhead, our Initia Diode laser has an integrated cooling system with an ice cold tip to cool the skin as we treat you. This helps to make the treatment virtually pain free, and we have a cooling air system that we use alongside other lasers in order to make the treatment comfortable. Most of our clients would say that laser hair removal treatments are less painful than waxing.

Is laser hair removal safe?

As a proven form of hair removal today, hair removal is a safe and respected procedure that has undergone various changes and adjustments over the years. Modern laser hair removal technologies are among the most accurate and efficient ever designed. However, some side-effects can take place.

Rarely, laser hair removal can cause some side-effects, these can include blistering, crusting, as well as hypo and/or hyper pigmentation. However, each of these issues should remedy themselves in time. There are no reported long-term side-effects that would cause any medical conditions. Should you have any concerns beforehand, though, speak to our team about our laser hair removal in Maidenhead. We can help you to understand the process relating to the hair removal you wish to put into place. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Once a hair follicle has been treated, it is very unlikely that that hair follicle will reproduce thick, dark, and terminal hair. You may experience growth in the same area from different follicles at a later date, or you may have fine vellus hair grow in the area instead of thick hair after treatment. 

You can also see more growth if you have hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovaries or you have become pregnant. All of these conditions will be discussed at a consultation, though, so you have nothing to worry about regarding a loss of impact in the long-term. 

How to achieve best results from laser hair removal

Before you can undergo laser hair removal treatment, you need to understand the process entirely. When you work with our team at Permanent Beauty, we ask that you try and keep the following in mind during the process:

  • Always attend a consultation. When the treatment is being spoken about, listen closely and follow to all the advice given to you.
  • Stick to the prescribed treatment gaps, as this allows for the best consistency and the best delivery of performance. 
  • Shave well before treatments – this is only going to help the treatment be effective whilst delivering the longest lasting results. 
  • If you can, try and avoid any waxing or plucking whilst having laser treatment.
  • Make sure make sure treatment areas are free from makeup, lotion, deodorant and sunscreen prior to treatment.
  • Stay suntan free for weeks prior to a treatment always use an SPF in the sunshine.
  • Also do not use fake tan or tan enhancers prior to treatments – this can limit the impact of the treatment and can make it harder for your laser hair removal treatment to work as intended. 
  • Do not attend the gym or take excessive exercise for 24 hours after a treatment this can cause bacteria to multiply ending up with spots.
  • Avoid chemical peels during laser treatment on faces and avoid using glycolic acid‘s and retinal‘s 2 to 3 days prior to treatment.

As you can see, then, it is much easier to go ahead with laser hair removal treatments in Maidenhead when you have the information on-hand to build from. If you are serious about creating a hair-free future for yourself, then you might wish to contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Contact us today, let us evaluate your need for laser hair removal treatment, and let us help you enjoy your life changing experience!

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